Carpet Cleaning: Do it yourself or go pro?

So, your carpets aren’t looking up to snuff? Perhaps you haven’t been as diligent as you intended about the “no-shoes” rule. Or the dog training for your pup hasn’t worked out exactly as planned. Kids, pets, spills and everyday foot traffic have left you with a stained, dingy carpet that’s bringing you down. Not to worry – you have options!

Option 1: Clean the carpet yourself

Feeling handy? You can rent a steam cleaner from your local grocery or home improvement store. For a reasonable price (often less than $50), you can rent a machine and do as many of your carpets as you like within a set time frame (often 24 hours). Heck, you can even do your neighbors’ carpets if you’d like! The downside? You have to do it yourself. The rental equipment can be heavy and cumbersome (think about lugging it in and out of your car and around your home); you have to purchase and pour the cleaning solution; you have to move all of the furniture yourself; and you have to follow operating instructions very carefully to get a high quality result. Too much here or too little there can leave you with random soaked spots, streaks or stubborn stains that remain.

Option 2: Call in the professionals

If option one seems intimidating, you can easily find a reputable residential carpet cleaning service in Redmond, WA that can give your carpets that much needed refresh. These are professionals who have built their reputations on quality carpet cleaning, often getting new business from referrals. They know what they’re doing and they’ll do it right. They’ll move furniture (within reason), propping beds, couches and tables on styrofoam tabs. They’ll work efficiently to give you the best possible result, often with a satisfaction guarantee. And if there are stains that won’t ever budge, they’ll let you know that, too. Because sometimes, replacing that carpet is your only good option!

Costs for a residential carpet cleaning service in Redmond, WA vary, depending on how many rooms, or carpets, you want cleaned. The more rooms, the higher the cost. You can always get an estimate, either over the phone or even better, by having a cleaning service come to your home. The good news: if you do some quick research, you’ll find that many residential carpet cleaning services regularly offer coupons and special deals. Some will even match competitor prices.

Of course, you do have to some level of prep to get the most from your carpet cleaning service visit, including clearing the floor of clutter and moving pictures and other delicate items from surfaces. You also need to make room in your driveway for the cleaner’s vehicle, enabling easy access from their vehicle to your front door. However, once the cleaners are there, your only job is to sit back and relax while they do the hard work for you. Hey – you could even use the time to perfect your new “Shoes off” sign for the front hall.